AFFLICTED: Daughters of Salem


Commissioned by the Coterie Theatre, Kansas City, MO. Premiere January 31, 2014.

Development and reading at Arizona State University, School of Theater and Film, directed by Jeff Church, November 17th – 21st, 2013. Reading on Nov. 21st.

1692. In Puritan New England, fear, myth and superstition was rampant. No playing, singing, dancing or make believe was allowed. Five girls coming of age in Salem, MA, desperate for release of their thoughts and feelings, find an ally in Tituba, a slave who longs for freedom. Deep in the woods, alliances are formed, promises made and broken, power taken. Based on historical records, this play imagines the story of the Salem girls – Abigail Williams, the leader, Ann Putnam, a wealthy farmer’s daughter, Mercy Lewis, sole survivor of a vicious Wabanaki attack, Mary Walcott, who sees the Devil at every turn and Betty Parris, young daughter of the Reverend Parris. This origin story tells of the events that led up to the infamous Salem Witch Trials, exploring how girls have negotiated alliances and power throughout history, just as they do today.

2 thoughts on “AFFLICTED: Daughters of Salem

  1. Denise Weatherly-Green

    I recently heard of your play Afflicted Daughters of Salem. Can I purchase a script of this play? Will performance rights be available in November, 2014?

  2. Ian Mayhew


    We are currently organising our examination performance season at A LEVEL & we are extremely interested in performing AFFLICTED: Daughters of Salem as students have just studied The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

    How can we buy a copy of the play?


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