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Atypical Boy 

A World Premiere by Laurie Brooks, commissioned by the Coterie Theatre, Kansas City, MO, premiered 2009. Sponsored by the Jim Eisenreich Foundation.

“This wacky romp incorporating clowning technique and unorthodox storytelling mixes imaginative writing with serious questions …a rare example of interactive theater that actually works.” -Robert Trussell, Kansas City Star

Photo: J. Robert Schraeder. Coterie Theatre, Heidi Van and Alex Espy.

In a world where “conformity is compulsory,” Boy cannot conform. Others make a desperate attempt to fix him, but neither they nor he can change his nature.  Labeled a monster by the others, Boy is shunned, until, alone and disenfranchised, he disappears. Now in a world filled of monsters, the Boy struggles with Hugo, ruled by his monster side, and is drawn to a Girl who is still in touch with her feelings but also struggles.

Will Boy hold on to his humanity or will he become a monster?

Four characters and shape-shifting puppets tell this fable for all times and all ages about the beauty and danger of being different in a world where conformity is valued and individuality is feared.

Poster from The premiere production at the Coterie Theatre.