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“Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you must!”

“I dare you, lightning, strike! I am not afraid.” Conflict comedy and dazzling special effects highlight this tale of an American hero’s struggle to tame “Heaven’s own power – electricity. Long before the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin was a scientist obsessed with the mastery of “electrical fire” in the face of opposition from church and family. When he rescues a wounded boy from a cruel apprenticeship, the boy, in turn, teaches Franklin the secrets of “the giant”, and together they confront ignorance with courage and the power of a questioning mind.

Willian, Franklin’s conservative son, sides with the local clergy who declare that redirecting lightning is “interfering with God’s plan.” But Franklin, his young apprentice and his daughter, Sally, set out to prove that lightning can be harnessed to protect the people of Philadelphia.

Blending historical fiction with contemporary resonance, this thrilling play for families culminates on a story night with the crack of thunder, a blinding light and an experiment that changed the world!

Equity premier, Arden Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, directed by Aaron Posner.

Engrossing and entertaining…skillfully wraps scientific inquiry, romance, family conflict and Frankliniana.”

            -The Philadelphia Inquirer

“… a top drawer piece of theatre. It held the audience completely rapt, cheering every scene and wanting more.”

            -The Tennessean

Conflict, comedy and dazzling special effects highlight this tale of Ben Franklin’s struggle to tame heaven’s own power – electricity – a blend of historical fiction and contemporary resonance.