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A thriller that explores the hazards and consequences of reckless behavior. When three teenage friends, Moss, Jessie and Serena, decide to take the law into their own hands, they are forced to confront themselves, their relationships and the consequences of their actions. Moss thinks that old man Leisner has murdered his missing son, so the three decide to break into his place to search for clues. But when old man Leisner arrives unexpectedly, their seemingly harmless dare goes horribly wrong, and an accident leads to discoveries about themselves all four could never have imagined. Jessie, Moss and Serena are forced to make choices that reveal themselves, their priorities and the true nature of their friendship. Deadly Weapons challenges audiences to assess the nature of responsibility and how, under extreme pressure, we can behave in ways that are surprising and deadly. This play was commissioned and devised with Grafitti Theatre Company in Cork, Ireland, and is listed in ASSITEJ’s Outstanding Plays for Young Audiences.