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Eight-year-old Devon is having a terrible day. His mother yelled at him, his teacher thinks he’s a pain and his classmate Adam punched him. Finally, Devon has a fight with his best friend, Stephanie, over who will train Sam, his dog, for the upcoming neighborhood dog show. Stephanie storms off saying, “I hate you, you’re the worst friend ever.” Devon is feeling thoroughly sorry for himself when the closet door creaks open and out stumbles The Hurt, a funny little fellow in an oversized coat, who won’t go away. Although Devon tries to ignore his Hurt, then push it back into the closet, it is only when he accepts The Hurt that he understands the nature of feelings. An engaging, humorous, action-filled story of how Devon, with the help of his loyal dog, learns to deal with his Hurt and reconcile his friendship with Stephanie, Devon’s Hurt shares a serious message about dealing with feelings, resolving conflicts and becoming a friend.

Written especially for the younger set and their families, this play won the Aurand Harris Memorial Playwriting Award.

Available from Dramatic Publishing