The Tangled Web

The Tangled WebUntitled-2_cropped
Copyright 1999 by Laurie Brooks
Ensemble cast of six, 4 men, 2 women
Photo: Graffiti Theatre Company,2000

Seventeen year old Owen is in love with Sarah. Sarah is in love with Sean’s rich lifestyle. Sean used to love Sarah but now he’s moved on. With the help of a mysterious Faustian source of inspiration called the Host, Sarah forms a devious plan to secure her future and unwittingly draws everyone around her into her “tangled web” of lies. Owen’s friend, Tommy, is complicit in Owen’s inescapable fate, and Sarah’s friend, Julie, must decide between loyalty and telling the truth. The four young characters are portrayed individually and act as a chorus who, along with the Host, offer their cryptic and often sarcastic thoughts inside and outside the action.

A stylish investigation of issues surrounding irresponsible sexual behavior and its consequences, The Tangled Web explores deception, and the boundaries of love and loyalty. Well, what would you be willing to do to gain your heart’s desire?

Commissioned and premiered by Graffiti Theatre Company, Cork, Ireland.
American version commissioned and premiered by The Coterie, Kansas City, MO. March, 2003, directed by Jeff Church.
Recipient (with the Coterie Theatre) of a 2002 AT&T First Stage grant from Theatre Communications Group.

Published by Dramatic Publishing Company, 2006

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